Skill Upgradation & TPAAS

Intech has invested to deploy a modern edge training institute facility at paltan area to facilitate its own training and along with providing the facility to other entities.


Trainings on going currently at Intech’s training facility:

PCB CAM operator

Company using the facility : Chin-BD Tech Limited

On the job training is mandatory for PCB CAM ( Computer Aided Manufacturing ) Operators, therefore they need to educate themselves to use the most popular CAM software ; Genesis 2000.The training is ongoing but to become eligible to work on production stage at least 450 hours ( approximately 4 months ) of training needed.

Following are the training contents;

  1. Fundamentals of Electronic Principle
  2. Basic Electronic components
  3. PCB and its manufacturing procedure
  4. PCB CAM work scope and procedure
  5. CAM software interface, tools and functionality
  6. Garber file handling/modification/testing with CAM software
  7. Client’s requirement for various CAM work
  8. Basic Chinese & English Language communication skill
  9. Output Garber file testing for PCB production
  10. Documentation and reporting for work done

BACCO (Content creation and call center)

Company using the facility : Wintel Limited

Wintel Limited is one of pioneer of telecom VAS, and has expertise at content creation and management. Therefore in association with BACCO ( Bangladesh association of call center & outsourcing) , wintel is providing training to trainees who can use this certificate to apply for jobs. The training duration is 2 months , and currently second batch is practicing.