Our Company

INTECH LIMITED was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on February 02, 2000 under the Companies act 1994 & subsequently started its Commercial operations on November 15, 2000. Through its Initial Public Offer made on 12 October, 2002,Intech Limited has become an A-category Public Limited Company enlisted with DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited) and CSE (Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited).

Intech Limited has throughout the years, since its inception of business, continued to provide Broadband Internet and Data Connectivity  , Comprehensive Digital service solutions that include Systems integration, Information system outsourcing, ERP, Telecom-VAS, IT & different kinds of IT-enabled services , Network solutions,  Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designing, and Amazon Web Services(AWS) in Bangladesh.

Intech Limited has developed its business model over the time through careful analyzing the emerging market trends of the Asia-Pacific region. The company is investing in capacity and technology that will lead to sustainable, long-term growth and profitability based on the value offered to clients.

 Further, apart from IT and ISP business, Intech Limited also vibrantly engaged in Integrated Agro/fish farming in its own agricultural/fish farm at Tarakanda, Mymensingh since early 2014 . Along with this , Intech is working with various companies to establish Solar grid project in its land at Tarakanda, Mymensingh .