Printer Circuit Board

Intech Limited has collaborated in a joint venture with MicroCAD china in the name of Chin-BD Tech with the long-term vision of becoming the pioneer of PCB Manufacturing company and introducing new industry here in Bangladesh.Intech has already started its operation implementation from 2nd december 2018.

What is PCB?

Printed Circuit Board or PCB in short is an electronic board that connects circuit components. It mechanically support components to provide electrical conduction paths between circuits. Greater portability and more compact circuit boards. With the convenient rugged boards, tech companies are able to provide advanced compact devices with billions on component within a single piece of PCB. Electronics components like capacitors and resistors can be automatically soldered or inserted. PCB is required in almost all the electronic devices that we use today.

Scope of Work for chin-BD Tech

The most crucial and critical part of PCB manufacturing is creating and validating Gerber Files.Gerber is a standard electronics industry file format used to communicate design information to manufacturing PCBs and the entire manufacturing process is dependent on these files.Thus, Chin BD Tech will be initially responsible to validate, modify , edit and fix gerber files in terms of industry and client requirements.