Business Strategy

We maintain the strategy to vertically integrate our core activities of the products and services. Therefore, Intech will continue its strategy of expanding and upgrading its activities in Bangladesh with strongly growing economies.

It is no longer limited within its products and services. It has become the partner of everyday life as an essential. It relates to proper timing, understanding of one’s need and communication to right persons in right manner, Feeling the pressure and its absorbance. Therefore Intech has come up with the blend of Business, Technology and support which has developed a team to satisfy the customer today, tomorrow and beyond.

The worldwide consolidation of the information technology is intensifying. Besides the established global competitors who are driving this process forward, there are more and more new large regional companies located in countries experiencing strong growth. Intech will play an active yet cautious role in this process of consolidation, on the basis of a solid balance sheet with significantly improved key financial ratios.

Intech has made a commitment to the development of economy and social responsibility. The competence and customer focus demonstrated by our employees form the basis for Intech long-term success and competitiveness. By helping our employees gain qualifications, we support an international business culture in which they are both challenged and supported.