About US

Intech Limited (Former Intech Online Limited) has throughout the years continued to provide comprehensive Digital Service solutions that include Systems Integration, Information System Outsourcing, VAS, IT Training, Core Banking Software, Omni Channel Banking, Payment Solutions, Switching and Network and Solutions, supply, implementation and maintenance. As a major player in the IT sector of Bangladesh, Intech Limited has developed its business model over the time through carefully analyzing the emerging market trends of the Asia-Pacific region. The company is investing in capacity and technology that will lead to sustainable, long-term growth and profitability based on the value offered to clients.

Intech Limited is also one of the Pioneer ISP (Internet Service Provider) and technology company that has been dedicated towards providing the banking market with the most advanced and revolutionary hardware, software and connectivity solutions for close to three decades in Bangladesh started business from 2000 with Nationwide ISP License running its business with full commitment for its exemplary service that is always on the rise owing to its highly talented and empowered human resources. Intech Limited is a Public Shareholding Company enlisted with DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited) and CSE (Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited).

Intech Limited core focus is to consistently introduce the latest products while maintaining outstanding customer services as it continues to explore newer horizons to deliver newer and better IT solutions to its most valued premium asset – its customers.

As Intech Limited grows ever so competently, it promises to be the first to empower its customer base with groundbreaking technological services that are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of their business for the first time in the history of its industry in Bangladesh. Intech Limited is now engaged itself in Agro based Business, Real Estate and Hospitality Management business along with its existing business.


The mission of Intech Limited is to provide the community with the most innovative, state-of-the-art, and comprehensive communications, information technology solutions through a highly motivated, creative, experienced, and talented team of professionals contributing to the success.


Intech Limited is a process and performance driven company who accentuates on metrics to continual improvement. We empower your business with our creative, up to date & on demand solutions

Business Strategy

We maintain the strategy to vertically integrate our core activities of the products and services. Therefore, Intech will continue its strategy of expanding and upgrading its activities in Bangladesh with strongly growing economies.

It is no longer limited within its products and services. It has become the partner of everyday life as an essential. It relates to proper timing, understanding of one’s need and communication to right persons in right manner, Feeling the pressure and its absorbance. Therefore Intech has come up with the blend of Business, Technology and support which has developed a team to satisfy the customer today, tomorrow and beyond.

The worldwide consolidation of the information technology is intensifying. Besides the established global competitors who are driving this process forward, there are more and more new large regional companies located in countries experiencing strong growth. Intech will play an active yet cautious role in this process of consolidation, on the basis of a solid balance sheet with significantly improved key financial ratios.

Intech has made a commitment to the development of economy and social responsibility. The competence and customer focus demonstrated by our employees form the basis for Intech long-term success and competitiveness. By helping our employees gain qualifications, we support an international business culture in which they are both challenged and supported.


Personal Approach to Client

We work personally with every client because this is how we understand one’s needs and identify new areas of cooperation. We treat every client with the attention they deserve irrespective of the size of business they offer. We are committed to providing the best possible solution to our clients suiting the prevailing situation they are in. We sincerely hope and work towards the success of our clients because we believe the satisfaction and success of our clients have direct bearing on our bottom line and future growth.


We have deployed and assembled the best talents in the business in Bangladesh whose Professionalism is praise-worthy. Our clients can expect optimum return on their investment on any solution they buy from us. In addition to educational qualification our working team has on the average over sixteen years of direct hands on experience in Internet technologies, most advanced and revolutionary hardware, software, connectivity solutions, hosting business and in providing package solutions to their IT/IP related issues.

Unique Ideas

Most of our projects are unique and business exclusive. This demands unique ideas and we are geared to providing unique ideas. Our approach to solution is like creating pieces of art. We offer smart solutions/ideas to our clients to ensure optimum return on their investment. From the very beginning of our journey we’ve always focused on woman empowerment and woman preference. While conducting any batch we try to enroll a handsome number of female participants.

Track Records

We have helped our customers launching 500+ successful products/ projects globally, through our superior program management and engineering.

  • Delivered 500+ projects spanning servers and tools, collaboration, operating systems, online services and cloud computing for the world’s largest software vendor.
  • Achieved 40% reduction in price comparison inquiry, through performance benchmarking and optimization
  • Delivered 60+ releases on time, across platforms, technologies and engagement models.